I came across an interesting paper at the ITU site titled “The Future of Voice” – you can also get the paper here at State of Telecom in Pakistan. This paper is a good guide to VOIP technologies and how different countries are dealing with it. It also talks about the future growth of voice markets and the technology trends which accompany it. In my next post I’ll write about the mention of Pakistan’s case in this paper.

At a related ITU workshop on this topic on Rauno Granath, Nokia’s Director of New Growth Markets and Networks, predicted that the worldwide number of subscribers to mobile telephony will reach 4 billion by 2010, and about 80 per cent the growth will come from lower income, emerging markets.

How will the Evolution of business models evolve to reach low-income consumers? This huge rowth in worldwide mobile subscribers means new business models must be created to meet the needs of low-income subscribers in emerging markets. The illustration below is an interesting way to look at it.

Source: “Voice services in new growth markets,” presentation by Rauno Granath, Nokia.

The paper also has a good number of illustrations, tables and data.