If you enjoy reading local technology blogs like this one (or this, or this, or this, or this, or this)  and enjoy contributing information and commentary on the same, we are building up a mailing group and we are calling it Pakistan Telecom Grid. The group membership is open to all and other blog authors (like TM, Mustafa and Sajjad and anyone else who care to join) will be upgraded as managers so that we’ve a collective stewardship of the collection.

About the group: An informal grid of Telecommunication and Network Services professionals and insiders of Pakistan. Inspired from the fact that the collective authors and respective audience of the relatively few technology blogs that relate to Pakistan can be team up as a virtual pool of guys with an interested in communications technologies. This assembly can be used to enhance social interaction between the members, get-together events, private discussions, rumor sharing and rumor milling etc.

Join in now.

Thanks to TM for the idea and the writeup for this post.