CEO of Abu Dhabi Group Bashir Ahmed was recently interviewd by The News. When asked how fair has been the role of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), he said that “fairness is a relative term and every society has different parameters for evenhandedness.”  

Coming from one of the biggest foreign investment group for Pakistan, its a pretty good answer! But wait, there’s more interesting commentary:

“As far as PTA is concerned, we do have some reservations but after dealing with the authorities in Bangladesh, we found PTA much better than the regulators in other countries. But one thing that I would like to say is that while making policies, PTA should not make any discrimination. The budget or size of any company should not be kept in mind; there should be a uniform policy for all,” Tahir commented.

On the expansion plans there’s good news for the industry and for those who are looking for opportunities:

“An intensive planning is being carried out to expand our network and to further strengthen the technological base of the company.” He said that Warid would provide the latest telecom services, with compared to any other country in the world, to its customers in Pakistan.”