I would like to share a new series of learning and networking opportunities for executives and entrepreneurs in Pakistan. In June, there are 2 seminars in Karachi, led by senior lecturers Ken Morse and William Aulet at MIT Entrepreneurship Center. First is “Pakistan CEO Summit” and the second is “Financing Your New Venture“. Organizers include OPEN, MDI, MIT Entrepreneurship Center and Computer Society of Pakistan.

 I had the opportunity to meet and talk with Ken Morse at a recent OPEN event at Cambridge, MIT. He is a wonderful and dynamic teacher with years of relevant experience. I would strongly recommend attending these seminar.

I realize that the CEO summit is limited to the top executives of large companies but the finance seminar has broader appeal and will be useful to all those who want to know about financing their next big idea. Also note that members of professional organizations such as PASHA get a discount.

More information and full brochures of programs are available at the website:

Feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me if you have any question.