This was reported at and I found it too interesting and useful to resist posting it here. My hope is that unlike other things solar which have not become mainstream yet, the solar technology for cell phones will become cheap and popular soon. The original post at Textually blog refers to a “Mad4Mobile Phones report on a new Motorola patent which covers the use of a mobile phone LCD screen as a solar cell.”

“The Display and Solar Cell Device patent would allow mobile phones and other devices to be fitted with a solar cell screen that would power the device and recharge an internal battery while it was left in the sun.”

More on the same topic from Textually is below:

Solar powered cell phones in China by April – HTW Electronics was exhibiting a solar powered mobile phone concept at CeBIT this week and claims that a full production model will be released in China next month. (2007)

Solar-powered cellphone in the works in Japan – As of 2006 NTT DoCoMo is working on prototype of a hybrid cellphone that features integrated solar panels. Powered complety by the sun rays, so you will never run out of battery power. No time frame yet for a launch date.

Solar Powered Mobile Phone – The Fraunhofer Gesellschaft (the largest labs for applied sciences in Germany) rolled out a prototype sun powered mobile phone in 2006.

Its hard to tell how long would these efforts take to become a reality. But I for one can’t wait to free my phone from its charger!