Now that MNP is available in Pakistan and all the companies are trying to win customers from their competitors, lets review the implementation of this $80 Million effort in bit more detail. For an overall summary of MNP please see my post at Pakistaniat

How MNP was Implemented in Pakistan

Number portability implementation in general requires the ability to deploy number portability successfully, with minimal service disruption to existing customers in a timely fashion, thus complying with regulations. Number portability readiness planning is an important early phase activity to achieve flow-through of processes, transition to a centralized solution, implement standard interfaces to reduce costs, maintain minimal service disruption to customers, and incur minimum costs during ramp-up and service launch.

In Pakistan, an independent body – Pakistan MNP Database (PMD) – was setup by Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA), with the specific purpose of managing the implementation of MNP. The PMD is set to have a 14 member dedicated staff, with the entire project costing Rs. 4-5 billion (US$66 million – US$82 million) with US$10 million –US$12 million contribution from each mobile operator, reports ITP.

PMD is utilising Telcordia’s Number Portability Clearinghouse solution as its centralised repository for number porting. The solution automates ordering, provisioning, notification and administration and allows service providers to rely on the same set of rules for handling port requests, so number exchanges can occur quickly and accurately.

According to Telcordia website:

Telcordia Number Portability Managed Services is a turnkey solution comprising Telcordia Number Portability Clearinghouse application software, integrated with an in-country data center, help desk facilities, and staff to implement and operate numbering-specific services among operators who choose to outsource the implementation, deployment, and operation of services and focus on core competencies. The Number Portability Clearinghouse managed service facilitates centralized, automated ordering, provisioning, notification, and administration for porting numbers between operators. The Number Portability Clearinghouse software supports both fixed and mobile Number Portability.