Tomi Ahonen wrote an interesting post at Communities-Dominate blog, arguing that mobile is the 7th  mass media and at that, a much superior media to Internet. Of course it is the kind of bold statement which brings out a variety of reaction: some will agree to it and others will say Ahonen is stretching it too much. I will present some key points post – you should read the full story and comments here and share your thoughts.

Here are the reasons put forth by Ahonen to prove his point:

  • Not the dumb little screen version of TV
  • Not the dumb little cousin of the internet
  • Inherent threat media
  • Mobile is superior because of these 5 eunique lements: It is personal, Always On, Always-carried mass media, Only Mass Media with a Built-in Payment Channel at the point of creative impulse.
  •  The observations have been made from the point-of-view of a US/European society but apply to a large extent to the emerging economies as well. In case of developing countries mobile is not competing with Internet – it IS the only way of communication for many who may not have even seen the Internet. However some of the factors described above can also work against the idea of putting too much functionality in the mobile such as when your phone gets lost or stolen. However I completely agree that the massive scale and reach of mobile phones is way ahead of any other media.Last point which I want to express is that not all of the media described here have to necessarily compete … the digital convergence can bring them together in a way which we do not experience yet. No matter how much I love my phone, it is not the only gadget I want to interact with!

    Some excerpts:

    So yes the mobile, as the 7th Mass Media is the youngest, least understood, most dangerous new mass media – one which will soon supercede the internet. Not because consuming a web page is better on a phone (that would be stupid to even try) but rather has five benefits the internet cannot hope to match. And in addition to those five, the mobile can also replicate all that the internet can do, while not necessarily replicating all of those media experiences quite as well.

    This is the newest mass media, and will soon be the most powerful mass media on the planet. It has enormous implications to the current giant, TV. And to its revenue engine – advertising. It has a huge implication to the internet, which will soon be overtaken in importance by mobile. Yes, you heard it here first. Mobile to the internet is like TV is to radio. Be sure you capture the real opportunity of our lifetimes.