Recently PTCL has come under increasing pressure from its competitors. As a result its long distance revenue – outgoing international calls in particular – has been in decline. Last year PTCL had to reduce its long distance rates – within Pakistan nationwide and also for international destinations (Ufone did the same). I wrote about it here.

But starting in 2007 PTCL has slashed the rates again to Rs. 2/minute for nationwide and international calls to select countries including USA, UK, Canada etc. Another positive thing is that the rate structure has also been simplified. Full details are available here. Interestingly calls to mobile phones are Rs. 2.50/minute – it means it costs more to call someone in your own town than calling the other continent. PTCL has decided to compete on volume than price. This goes to show that with changing technologies and fierce competition brought by deregulation,  price barriers have been removed.

I am sure the lower rates and simple rate structure brings relief to consumers and makes their lives easier. Since the rate cuts are relatively recent there are many who have not taken advantage of these changes so I wanted to highlight it here. Please share your experience of calling international from Pakistan.