Here’s some interesting comparison list of top 20 fastest growing mobile companies of 2006 in Asia Pacific – data and analysis from Wireless Intellignece. Note there are 4 companies from Pakistan in this top 20 list.

Top 20 cellular net additions in Asia-Pacific – Q1 2007Top 20 cellular net additions in Asia-Pacific - Q1 2007

Source: Wireless Intelligence, Feb 07

Here’s what Wireless Intelligence had to say about Pakistan.

In Pakistan, Mobilink (Orascom) is likely to stabilize at around a 50% market share through this year, to Telenor’s advantage – it is expected to grow by 72% year-on-year. Ufone and Warid are also fast growing operators, growing by more than 45% year-on-year and forecast to take share from Mobilink. By the end of 2007, Pakistan is expected to reach 63.2 million subscribers, reaching a penetration rate of 37%.