The mobile companies in many regions of the world do not enjoy the subscriber growth witnessed today in Pakistan, India and China. Therefore they have to work on new strategies to spur the growth and increase the revenue per subscriber. A recent paper in Alcatel Telecommunications Review (3Q 2006) summarized the challenges of high growth mobile markets and provided some suggestions to increase revenue.  The paper “Innovating to maintain momentum in mobile penetration” is available at Alcatel’s site. In this post I’ll share a few key points and figures from their paper.

Figure 1 is a summary of key challenges (click to see larger resolution image). The mobile companies in Pakistan will soon face many of these challenges.

Figure 2 is a graphical representation of growth markets vs. mature markets in terms of digial access index (see my earlier post on digial opportunity index). 

Figure 3 presents a view of how the telecom companies can use IP based networks to converge and optimize their solution offerings and at the same time increase their penetration by offering new services such as micro-payments. The next generation networks will play a key role in this growth. Of course some of the technologies shown here – WiMAX for example – are so new that their success or failure is still an open question. Still the point remains that current products and services can take these companies only so far. Companies such as WATEEN are already moving in this direction by providing triple play and mobile services.

Source: Alcatel.