As the competition among the mobile providers heats up in Pakistan, they are coming up with new packages to attract and retain customers. Mobilink has introduced an interesting package called “Ladies First” to attract the female market segment.


Currently Mobilink is number one mobile operator in Pakistan with over 19 million subscribers (49% market share). As reported in press here:

The service is targeted at ‘homemakers’ and ‘housewives,’ and offers bundled value-added services, including ‘beauty tips, cooking recipes, health notes, home, food and entertainment’, all via SMS. There are also special discounted call rates between 3pm and 6pm, designed to ‘help her to stay connected with friends and family’. It will, says Mobilink, ‘fully empower and equip the women in Pakistan with the tools needed to lead a successful and fulfilling life’.

It will be interesting to see how ladies react to this new offer and whether other providers jump in to create similar competitive offerings. Can you guess what’s so special about 3pm-6pm that Mobilink is offering a discount?

Quick summary of the Jazz Ladies First package:
• Beauty tips, mouth watering recipes, healthy diets and so much more all can be suscribed via SMS for a monthly fee (~ Rs.30/month for each topic)
• Special discounted call rates between 3pm – 6pm
• Lower outgoing call rates 2nd minute onwards
• Jazz Ladies First shopping discount card provides discounts with selected vendors

For details of the Jazz Ladies First package visit the Mobilink site.