With the recent broadband deregulation, many new technologies and companies have started providing broadband services in Pakistan. The pricing, availability and service quality varies by geographic location. The results of annual Internet Service Provider Quality of Service survey by PTA is a good starting point, though it includes dialup service as well as broadband.

Below I provide a short summary of providers by technology. Comparing prices and plans is still a mind boggling task!

• DSL: A technology based on copper lines i.e using plain old phone service and a special modem – works only if you are within a couple of miles of the phone exchange.
o PTCL list of broadband providers
o A few players: Micronet, Dancom, Habib Rafiq International, Cybernet World Online, WOL, Paknet, Maxcom
o Sample Rates: Micronet – Islamabad – 256 Kbps for home for Rs 1000.

• Wireless / CDMA: Offers Internet access using CDMA tecnology – it is fixed or limited mobility network. See more here.
The dominant players are: WorldCall, DV Com, Telecard, Diallog.

• Wimax: Coming in 2007 (Warid, WorldCall). See my post for details.

• ISDN: By PTCL. Not conisdered consumer friendly in terms of application process and reliability. Details at http://www.ptcl.com.pk/isdn_bri.html

• Cable: Limited urban infrasturcture availability.