With the falling calling costs all over the world it was just a matter of time that Pakistan Telcom changed its complicated and expensive rate structure. Finally this month PTCL decided to reduce rates for local, domestic long distance and international calls. The pricing model has also been simplified by removing the peak and non-peak times. Consumers have welcomed this rate cut.

The competitor long-distance companies have complained about this unilateral rate change by PTCL – they point out that any rate changes should have the blessings of Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA). With the responsibility of regulatory oversight PTA is supposed to ensure that the playing field is level for all players and  PTCL being the incumbent – called Significant Player – does not abuse its position. This seems to be the start of a long overdue price war.

See the details on PTCL website … for instance:

  • Call Type: NWD (Long distance) PSTN to PSTN Time less, Distance Less

  • Charges: Rs 2.00 per minute.

I find it annoying to see the extent of jargon in use at the PTCL website. On the lighter side the simplicity of  the phrase “Time less, Distance Less” is unparalleled!