Bloomberg has an interesting article about one of the mutual funds in Pakistan. In the July 13 2006 story “Abamco’s Ali Uses Cricket Strategy to Outperform Pakistan Index” the fund manager Najam Ali discusses his approach to investment. It is interesting to note that:

His top five holdings as of March 31 were Faysal Bank Ltd., Pakistan International Container Terminal, Pakistan Telecommunications Co., Attock Petroleum Ltd. and Adamjee Insurance.

For those who are interested in investing in Pakistan’s telecom sector, such funds can be one option. Although as the story acknowledges the market is highly volatile.

The Karachi index recorded volatility of 32 percent from the average in the year ending June 30 compared with 16 percent for the MSCI Emerging Markets Index, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Volatility measures stock-price swings.

`The Pakistan market has given us superb returns no matter which way we look at it,’ said Ali.

Right now the Abamco funds seem to have a 4-6% holding of telecom sector .. but who knows, with enough competitors there could be a fund with more focus on the telecommunication and high-tech sector.